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Friday, January 23, 2009

Big vs good

I laugh every time I watch this ad. It's created by JWT Sydney for Thrifty Rental Car. The ad is surprising, the girl is hilarious and the father is just perfect. The creative idea is excellent; affordable rental car prices to be an everyday hero. Its a great idea, that won many awards at festivals around the world.

Now, watch this idea by BBDO, New York for HBO:

Winner of two Grand Prix and 6 gold awards at the last Cannes Festival, among several other awards across the world. The idea; sometimes the best stories are the ones we weren't meant to see, is a BIG Idea. An idea so big that it's executed online, direct mail, promotional, outdoor, print, TV, magazine, posters and as a banner on a website maintaining its full strength.

Both are good creative ideas. Both are award winners. One is innovative, the other is a good idea.