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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

5 ways to improve your portfolio

We are exposed to hundreds of opinions and points of view daily. Perhaps it is the truly significant revolution of this past decade, the surge of the advise.

Every where you turn, there is someone giving you tips, shortcuts, advise, insight, rules, laws... This comes from the need to position oneself as a "brand" that adds value to the community, yet a lot comes from offer and demand... the more people come to the internet, blogosphere or twitterville looking for knowledge, the bigger number of people who offers it.

Identifying the true valuable advise from the noise is also an exercise of patience and practice, but there is a lot to be learned daily from a few well known and not so well known individuals and magazines out there.

In this case, I found it in BitRebels (a first time visit for me)

Creating a portfolio online is easy, but creating a portfolio that stands out, sells your talent and gets your foot on the door is a bit more difficult.

I found these 5 point to be simple, insightful, logical and smart (which tend to be good ingredients for analytical thinking)
1. Do Good work

2. Make it Simple and Concise –

3. Include Case Studies -

4. Give your Portfolio a Human side –

5. Killer design -

I have come to learned that the most difficult step is to keep things simple.