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Thursday, April 2, 2009

One hand. No car.

Emotional vs functional. We talk about their difference so many times. Yet, their purpose and effectiveness is still a mystery in many marketing departments and advertising agencies.

This ad for BMW Spain by SCPF Barcelona is emotional.

We don't see the car. We don't hear any attributes about the engine or the model or the year or any special end-of-year deals.

We hear the wind, we hear some music and we are asked: Do you like to drive?

Why is this building the brand?

Because by bringing us into a world of emotions: The hand coming out of the window, our memories of childhood, fun for the sake of fun, the state of peace...
the pleasure of driving. BMW is now associated with those emotions inside our brain, in our hearts.

Do you like to drive? BMW does too.

That's branding, and that's long lasting, solid, unique and difficult to forget.

That's why branding is hard to do and that's why this ad does it so well.