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Friday, October 9, 2009

TAXI wisdom.

TAXI is a Design/Creative network I just recently discovered.
My humble apologies to those who have known about it for discovering it with such delay. Pero nunca es tarde si la dicha es buena and in this case, the reward is valuable.

Obviously the people running TAXI are doing a lot of great things. Great contributors, Portfolio Showcasing, Careers, articles and even interviews with brilliant Designers and Creative Directors.

And it is in the interviews section where I found this interesting interview with David Nobay, partner at Drogba5 Australia and the No. 1 most awarded Creative Director in Australasia.

I really like some of his thoughts about your portfolio if you are starting in advertising:
I’d rather see one brief, pushed out into every possible media opportunity, than 8 or 10 convenient couplets of poster and TV scripts.
On business partnership:
But passion is what keeps up the energy in a start-up. All of us expect the same level of commitment and honesty from each other. That sense of balance is a real key.
On direct mail and digital:

most people in adland dismissed what we did as “junk mail”, but at its very heart, the methodology was not dissimilar to the eulogy you hear from so-called digital gurus today: The science of accountability; The journey to a response; The sense of brand-utility. Attention/Interest/Desire/Conviction/Action.

Sound familiar? Twenty years ago, it was the rudiments of every successful mailpack, but today it’s just as current to the connectivity of the web. Sure, digital and mobile are a much more exciting palette to paint ideas with, but the basic challenge is the same: take people on a journey that’s based on them interacting, connecting and responding.
On being a creative leader:
Winning awards is easy compared to building a team of creative people who truly believe in you and your mission.
And about the present (not the future, refreshingly)
These are scary times for many. But for those of us who are comfortable with the currency of ideas, it’s also the most exciting period in our history.agency team.
And finally:
What is the WORD, which you think would reside and reverberate in the creative world for the next 10 years?

David Nobay>>Momentum.