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Saturday, February 28, 2009


We humans need to breathe. That's what we are designed to do. If we stop breathing, we die.

Creative people need to generate ideas, unusual thoughts and possibilities that may be useful.
If creative people stop practicing this talent, we die.

Don't hold your breath.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Simple ideas spread faster.

Simplicity is a necessary quality of a good idea.
But simple is misunderstood by many, often seen as a negative, unsophisticated or non-intelligent treat.
I think that we need to share a common definition of what simple means in creativity (in design, ads and digital)

Simple means easy to understand.
Simple means clean.

Simple means as few steps as possible.

Simple means taking everything else out.

Remember; identify what's important and eliminate everything else.

Simple, no?

There are some good books on this subject, and one that comes to mind is The Laws of Simplicity by John Medea. Enjoy it.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The method is the idea.

I like reading creatives blogs. They are useful and play an important role as a forum to learn and discuss all the great advertising being done all over the world. I personally like the ones that share their opinions about the ads better than the ones that just post ads.
One that I follow regularly is adverblog, a well known blog in my creative circles.

In a recent post Daniel Granatta wrote an interesting article about interactive creativity that was full of wise opinions, but one stood out for me. He said:
I believe in inspiration but I don't think a whole campaign can depend on just waiting for a creative spark, I think it's necessary some kind of systematic process of research that nurtures creativity, defines a style and makes that spark fittable into client's needs. And then you can have brilliant projects or not-so-brilliant projects, but having a methodology and a style makes success much closer than just waiting for the one-hit wonder.
I agree wholeheartedly. I think that extraordinary creativity, mostly measured by the quality of the idea, is not about having an idea, but about the environment in which the idea is born, supported and grown.
I believe that the creative process is most responsible for the idea becoming "the idea", and not the people in charge of having them, as it is generally accepted.

The creative process is a method where an idea is transformed into a valuable product, where all departments are involved and are accountable.
It’s an open, dynamic and smart process, that recognizes the fragility of ideas but their enormous potential.
It is a shift in focus from the individual creative to the creative environment.
From the idea to the group.
From the single act of creation to the creation development.

The companies that believe in this process produce several pieces of excellent creativity throughout extended periods of time across all mediums.
The ones that rely on creatives to spark creative ideas have to settled for "one hit wonders".