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Sunday, April 12, 2009

The ideal candidate

The advertising industry has one of the highest turnovers in the professional world.
It's not surprising though.
This fast paced world of high emotions and big egos is draining. Most people I've worked with are always looking for the next opportunity, a deserving promotion and a bigger check.

Now we are facing a delicate situation because of the economy downturn and the next opportunity might appear sooner than expected.

That's why I thought about sharing what makes the ideal creative candidate as well as the ideal boss (I don't think that we should look up to for the traditional agency anymore. As a matter of fact, the most creative work, with the most challenging briefs and most rewarding accounts might be in digital agencies, design studios and small creative boutiques)

The Ideal Candidate
  • Your talent can't be restrained. No TV? No Print? You did coasters. You edited old Nike commercials into a 30".
  • You always offer solutions. Your positive opinion is important. Add value.
  • You are interesting. Your creativity reaches beyond marketing and advertising.
  • You are curious. you want to know why?
  • You have a reason. Aimless creativity is the worst kind in this business. In art is cool though.
  • You flirt with strategy. Your best friend is a planner. Even better, you are married to one.
  • You explore everywhere because you know that ideas are found.
  • You know that all this is just a big dance, and you are a good dancer.
  • You stay ahead of me. Making yourself essential for me to stay ahead.
  • You push forward. And you know when to stop pushing.
The ideal boss. (A human angle from the great Creative Director)
  • Your ideal boss is not cynical. Having seen it all doesn't mean hating it all.
  • Your ideal boss still cares. Because if the boss doesn't care, who cares?
  • Your ideal boss is still learning.
  • Your ideal boss is ahead of you. Making himself essential for you to stay ahead.
  • Your ideal boss writes a blog. if you have to ask read the previous point.
  • Your ideal boss doesn't discuss politics. That's why he is the boss.
  • Your ideal boss listens.
  • Your ideal boss pushes you. And knows when to ease the push.
  • Your ideal boss works with you. It takes a team.
If you find the right boss, take the job. Forget the salary if you can. The reward will pay itself back to you a hundred times more valuable than money.

I know is hard, but talent survives. It always does. Don't settle. Keep on learning. One day it all will make sense. I promise you that.

The ideal candidate is optimistic.

Post inspired by summation

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