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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Inside the creative mind: Garrick Hamm.

A couple of weeks ago I started the series Inside the Creative Mind. A series of interviews from Lurzers Archive with the best and most brilliant creative people from all over the world. The second post is about Garrick Hamm, at the time, D&AD president and founder of Williams Murray Hamm, a design consultancy in London.
Design isn't about talented designers, is about a good, focused brief and how to set out your stall.

If you go into a meeting with ten concepts raging from evolution to revolution, guess what you'll be evolving brands for the rest of your career.

Most clients don't like "different" when its applied to their brand.

We dig around in the dirt like detectives until we discover a brand truth, then we ruthlessly magnify it.

The consumer can only read one message, in the hope of saying everything, nothing gets said. we edit and simplify, that's what we do best.

The formula of rolling out a brand across the globe, in all its fiscal efficiency, has made a lot of big brands even bigger, but very, very dull.

The designers I admire the most: Martin Lambie-Nairm, Saul Bass and Peter Saville.

To do something truly different, you need to look way beyond the genre you're designing in. Most of my ideas come from what surrounds me in life, not design annuals.

The truth is, all awards are a load of wank, until you win one.
I am very curious about Designers and their way of looking at the world, perceiving problems and how they solve them. And I think that he offers an intelligent set of principles to keep in mind. I really hope you enjoyed it.

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