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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A happy client?

From a fellow Posterous blogger, 10 ways to make a client happy.

This is a more relevant topic today than ever, because clients have more choices and agencies are desperate to keep the accounts they currently have. So, seeing a client smile can make everybody sleep better at night.

This points work, they are smart and they help, but at the end, in my modest experience, the client-agency relationship is like any other, you can't be happy unless you are happy inside.

These are the 10.
  1. Give Them a Morning Dose of Insight.
  2. Go Hang Out.
  3. Think Outside The Scope.
  4. Always Provide Key Learnings.
  5. Be A “What About” Person.
  6. Introduce New Experts.
  7. Showcase New Technologies.
  8. Package Up The Right Success For Free.
  9. Get Out Of The Office.
  10. Host A Free Creative Workshop.
Read the entire post his blog Ideas, imagination and stuff.

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