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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

10 ways to be memorable.

I know the Miami Ad School by reputation. I know people who graduated from the school and I know that they teach well. That’s why I follow the Miami ad school on twitter and that's how I came across this interesting article on their blog:
First Rule of Memorability; Be memorable.
At the Miami Ad School a great deal of time is spent getting across a very simple yet incredibly crucial bit of information; that communication has to be memorable in order to be effective.
I agree a 100% with them. As creatives we must come up with ideas that are memorable and new. Because as the article says, - the memorable ideas are the ones to leave a lasting impression on us. The best remembered experiences are the new ones.-
Obviously it is easier to be memorable when the brand, the product, the insight and/or the media plan are “memorable”.
When I finished reading the article I was left craving a little bit more. More on how. More on practical, more on examples.
So I decided to help those who like me, craved a little bit more how beyond the what.

10 ways to be memorable.
  1. Be outrageous. Say something few say, do something few do, break social rules, scream, be offensive or use nudity. We tend to remember what shock us.
  2. Be funny. Very funny. Budweiser has reached more than 60% of market share based on this principle. Every other beer trying to do humor, is actually building Bud brand.
  3. Be honest. Dove uses an honest approach to win the hearts of women all over the world.
  4. Be playful. With language and/or with visuals. So many examples come to mind; MasterCard, Ikea, HP, ESPN.
  5. Be impactful. When you see thousands of color balls rolling down a street, you remember.
  6. Be insightful. Nike delivers on many of these points but at the heart of its campaign there is a deep (and unmatched) knowledge of athletes.
  7. Be glamorous. We love celebrities. Pepsi loved celebrities. People loved Pepsi.
  8. Be real. The internet is demanding that ideas look less like a brand and more like your neighbor. 2009 Doritos superbowl ad.
  9. Be your consumer. Playstation, XBox are, in many ways, like their customers, believing that the games are real life.
  10. Be smart. Make the consumer think. The Economist is a brilliant example.
I’m sure I am forgetting some. But its a good start, isn't it?

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  1. Totally agree, and of course you forgot one that I learned from you... BE SIMPLE. :)