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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Instint, openess and share.

From the blog of TBWA Paris a set of interviews with Worldwide Creative Director John Hunt about creativity, disruption and media arts.

Why disruptive ideas are more important today?

A good idea is like a coat hanger, where you can hang lots of different
executions from it.
if every biody ahs a great idea about a concept, it is a good indication of a good idea.

How do you identify a good idea?
First of all, trust your instincts. Don't over think it. Let the idea live initially. What first engaged you will probably engage your consumer.
Stay open/

It's our idea!
Ideas are portable. The idea's power is how it irrigates out, how it is shared.
Bureaucracy is not the best way to share an idea. When you share an idea people take responsibility of the idea. Otherwise people will find a way to sabotage it.

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